The Spiritual World of Scott Williams

What to expect.

                                       Depending on the venue I normally start the evening around 6pm where for the next  hour or so I will perform private readings for those wishing to obtain one, this is then followed by an evening of Mediumship starting approx.7.30pm

I always start the  demonstrations by telling the audience what they can expect,  what will happen.                  Iam able to outline the format for each show but what as you the audience can expect well .....I have no idea!

At the start of each evening I place myself totally into the hands of my friends in Spirit, if they work with me, Great, you get what I get, if contact is poor that night, for whatever reason, and i get nothing then you get nothing.  My work like many other is open to abuse and fraud, but I won`t mislead people by giving false messages / hope, I would rather look stupid and lost on stage than make it all up.

The evening begins with a short welcome and an explanation as to what may happen and how it works and a short question & answer time, I then continue to explain that the evening will be broke into two halfs each approx. 45minutes long when messages of hope, comfort and knowledge will be passed on from family and friends in Spirit, throughout the evening the audience are encouraged to ask questions relating to their messages and not to just accept what Iam telling them.

At the end of the evening around 10pm Iam still available to answer any questions that may still be left unanswered, so why not come along and experience `what the Spiritual world of Scott Wiiliams` has to offer.


for corporate & party bookings please contact

                    Claire Rodgers (agent)  0330 001 1054

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