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Scott Williams has been a Spiritualist Medium for many years; Sympathetically and Empathetically Scott offers a professional approach to life, be it through your reading in an audience or 

personally in a one-to-one

Scott’s aim is to bring you into to contact with your family & friends who have passed on, offering you comfort,support also understanding that you are never alone.

Scott shares his wisdom of Mediumship and Clairvoyance throughout the British Isles, previously he was the resident Medium for Ghostfinder’s, a paranormal scientific-fact-finding organization based in Glasgow Scotland. He still enjoys investigating paranormal events on his own and with others, and urges groups, media or individuals interested in such paranormal investigations to contact him personally.

His other interest apart from Spiritualism is

Hypnotherapy, having qualified in 1994  he mainly works in the field of Past Life Regression. after countless numbers of regression sessions with clients he is still amazed at the information that comes through leading him to believe  that there is a genuine need to  take the idea of past lives serious.


  also offering private readings, Hypnotherapy, open circles, development classes and training classes for Spiritual Healers            





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