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How it all began 


Welcome to the Spiritual World of Scott Williams, this page is intended to tell you a little bit about myself and how I have reached this stage on my journey.    Having always been interested in the paranormal ,sorry but I never saw Spirit when I was a child nor did I have a Special friend, it seems every Medium you read about saw Spirit when they were young and thought it normal, but not me, sorry ,I just felt the need to attend a Spiritualist church approx. twenty years ago, on my first two occasions I was told by the visiting Medium that one day I would be delivering messages of hope and inspiration , this made me curious and after asking several members of the church I was put in touch with a lovely lady who at the time was holding not only developement classes but also a healing group.       

On my first visit to the lady`s home I was asked to join her healing group, which I did, but during the course I was asked if I would like to join her development circle, not needing to be ask twice I agreed immediately.

The evening of her class came around and at the appointed time ( 8pm ) we all sat around her table, there was eight of us in the group, holding hands, the lights were turned off, total darkness, my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth I was so nervous, I though to myself `what on earth have I let myself in for`no sooner had I said that when a voice in my head said ``remember many years ago when you studied sport injuries & massage and you then moved on to Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression, that was us guiding you, over the years you have come to know not only the body (massage) and the mind (Hypnotherapy ) we have now brought to you the Spirit ( develpoment)`.        So now when I stand in front of an audience / congregation I feel competent enough to talk about these three subjects thanks to my friends in Spirit.


I offer you this

Private / group readings - Corporate events - charity events -  House Blessing - churches served  - Past Life Regression. I will also accompany any paranormal group on their investigations.


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