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Quotes hi scott I just wanted to thank you for your time and messages recieved during your presentation at The Plough on 23.02.09. You are the first medium who has ever mentioned my brother's accident and not only that but the date he died. You actually went on to ask another lady whilst standing behind me why would you be shown a calander with celebration dates on it such as guy fawks, it meant nothing to her but my brothers birthday was 5th november! was so gobsmacked could not open my mouth! I would like to have a one to one reading in the near future so will be in touch, thanks again. Quotes

Quotes Hi Scott She told me some of what you said, but I wanted to tell you about the huge impact you have had on her. she's eating properly and gaining weight, she's talking about getting back into employment, she takes the children out for walks and just seems so much more happy and settled. Kellie's also learning to read Tarot cards and is much more open to her psychic side. I'm really grateful to you for helping her to become more positive and hopeful. Thanks again Quotes

Quotes Dear Scott,i cannot thank you enough for all your were amazingly accurate with the imformation concerning my recently deceased son.I know and accept that i have to move on and with the brilliant help and words you have offered me maybe i can start to move on now.Sincere thanx from the bottom of my heart.x x Quotes
Jo Anne

Quotes Even though this room on the lower level of the castle, Scott felt that he was being drawn further down and was being shown water. Unknown to him there is actually an old well below this room. Quotes
Mark (ghostfinders )

Quotes I do believe everything you've told us and cannot thank you enough for making every thing clearer which helps both of us make sense of what we've been going through and are still. Your a very generous and caring man and I wish you well for your own future, I will keep in touch and let you know we get on - I'll also be recommending you to friends - both John and I agree you are spooky, but in a good way! Quotes

Quotes Dear Scott I met you a few months ago at the Springs Fitness Centre where you gave me a reading which was unbelievably accurate and very moving. I left feeling that I had my whole family around me, even those who had gone before. Quotes

Quotes We began the evening by doing a walkround of the buildings with our psychic medium, Scott. He managed to come up with many interesting facts about the jail and also some names and quite a lot of information. Quotes
Mark ( ghostfinders )

Quotes My name is Richard Allman and I saw you last night at the Fox Covert at Yarm. My Uncle Alan contacted myself through you. Everything you told me was very accurate, most impressive. Joan and I will certainly see you again. Quotes
Richard & Joan

Quotes hiya scott!! my name is donna I had the pleasure of meeting you at 'The Railway' at bedlington on monday 14th.I cannot thank you enough for helping me communicate with my recently deceased grandad.It meant the world too me.I was just wondering how to go about booking another appointment with you?I would be very suprised if you don't have an enormous waiting list!! Quotes

Quotes HI me and my friend came to see you's at the pack horse a couple of months ago, it was great, i am gutted you have been back to the pack horse and we missed yous. i will be there at the lamp light centre at stanley in october, any chance yous can come back to the stanley area before then. I have quite a few people wanting to see yous. thank you Quotes


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