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Quotes Hi Scott. I saw u on Monday night in Cramlington where you held a group meeting. I was fortunate enough to get a reading as part of the audience that night which was enlightening but more fortunate still to be lucky enough to win a free reading from you at the end of the night. I related straight away to everything you said to me about the past and the present which were uncannily accurate. I just wanted to say a big thank you for making my day, putting my mind at rest and assuring me with your messages that I was right In the decisions I have had to make of late and I'm now happy in the knowledge they were the right decisions. Pease of mind is what you have given me and believe it or not confidence to believe In myself for being able to follow my instincts. I,m now looking forward to the future and not worrying about the past. Thank you. Quotes

Quotes Brilliant tonight, Scott !! it was my friends first, he went home in wonder!! couldn't believe you told him so much fact !! my other friend didn't get her message, but I did, the poem you mentioned, she wrote last week to her late Mam, as part of her course work, the three of us are currently in a 9-5 rehab at the minute, that is the link between us, fab ! Keith. Quotes

Quotes Hi Scott I had a reading from you over a year ago. You told me that I would spend the rest of my life with someone I had a fancy for. Things have progressed but he his having a difficult time at the moment I just need to know he is going to get through this Quotes

Quotes You asked in my reading if I was feeling ok as in the cards you could see I was going to be convalescing for 2 weeks but I was going to be ok. I've actually just been recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I am going in for my operation on Thursday to have the lump removed. Also you said my job was going to change and that I would probably have to retrain, my job has since changed and that I'm now attending meeting and taking minutes which I have never done before and also I have a more positive outlook and actually enjoy going to work. My friend and I have both felt differently after having readings from you and probably if I had not gone to the Drs I would never have known that I had cancer. I'm so glad I had the reading from you so thank you Quotes

Quotes thankyou very much for my reading as yet again you was spot on with things, great work & well done. x Debbie Quotes
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Quotes Me and my family have been seeing Scott for about 5yrs I'd trust no one but him with my readings Scott your always right in what you say, your a nice easy man to talk to and I'd never go anywhere else take care Jen x Quotes
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Quotes hello Scott, your so spot on with everything and im so very very pleased, you really are an amazing gentleman, i just cant believe it as your so right, thankyou so so very very much:-) Debbie Quotes
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Quotes 2 years ago you gave me a message that no one could have known! It was only a matter of weeks after my dad passed over! You were the one that lifted my faith and I thank you sincerely for that! I hope millions of people read this so they know how fab you are! XXX Quotes

Quotes Nice to see you again and we really enjoyed your mediumship, we like that you're lighthearted and don't take yourself too seriously ... dead refreshing Quotes

Quotes Thank you so much for tonight, Scott. We went to see my mam straight after and she had lots if comfort from what you said. I was laughing about you keep saying about the other flowery top that my brother said he didnt like.I couldn't figure it out at the time. I told my mam and she said, you daft bugger my sister gave me a flowery too a few weeks ago and I never have it off my back! Thanks again, it was so comforting having john come through, you are truly gifted xxx jean hay Quotes
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